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"When I  first came to see Ala I had aches and pains in my joints especially my lower back constantly hurting and muscle pains in my legs. I also suffer from allergies, slightly overweight, and was always tired. 

After seeing Ala I notice the significant difference and hardly had any muscle or joint pain and was able to do more tasks throughout the day and didn't feel exhausted after work. I just want to say "thank you for all your help and advice Ala."

 - Marie

"My daughter suffers from depression and mood changes, after years of trying different things and my Dr failing to understand. Ala recommended I asked him to run some tests, things that she thought maybe applicable.

In the end it turns out she did have some deficiencies which we are now correcting. It's only the beginning as it is a complex case, but very happy and continue to work together."

 - Sofia

"I saw Ala for issues with IBS and GERD to which I had a thorough consultation. Very supportive, caring and concerned for you as an individual. I took onboard her recommendations to which there was significant improvement to my symptoms. I now see her when I feel I need to."

 - Maria

"I had a reiki treatment from Ala and words cannot explain how I felt. I was completely at peace. I would definitely recommend for stress reduction, anxiety and trauma."

 - Alex

"I received a Reiki treatment from Ala and it was amazing how she connected and made some suggestions on things I should work on."

 - Jess

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