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Meet Ala Taylor - Founder of Zandaka Health & Nutrition


Ala Taylor - Founder of Zandaka Health and Nutrition


Functional Nutritionist DipCNM, ANPNaturopath DipCNM, GNC, Reiki Practitioner, IGCT.

Completed further studies in Herbal medicine and being an assistant supervisor at CNM, Allowing Ala to increase her knowledge and understanding, whist she continues to regular education to make sure she can do the best for her clients.


Ala is professionally trained to analyse and understand scientific research, the mechanism and effects on nutrients in the body, individual Biochemistry to provide evidence-based protocols.

Having gone through health issues of my own, I decided to take my health into my own hands. This is when I decided to study Nutritional therapy alongside other modalities to work on healing myself as a complete human being. I am so passionate about helping others to heal themselves through holistic and natural therapies. My passion is to help you heal your body, mind and spirit and move forward in life with positivity and prosperity.


After 4 years of education and seeing a range of clients, Ala has gained the knowledge and experience to best help her clients protect against disease, restore health, and manage environmental stressors.

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