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We work with individuals to help manage their symptoms in a natural way, for more complicated situations working alongside a GP is recommended as both approaches will complement each other. It also helps to explore pathways that may not have been looked at before. Functional testing is also an option if needed. 


We will conduct an in-depth consultation lasting around 1hr. In this time we will choose which symptoms to address in order to keep focus. We will go through all body systems, medical history, family history, diet and lifestyle. 


If interested! Why not book a free 15 min discovery call to find out how We can help you. 


Prior to the consultation, you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire, medical history and a 3-day food diary, and to sign a consent form which I will need to be returned to me at least 48hrs before your consultation.

Consultations will last around 60 minutes to go through all aspects of your health and lifestyle habits to enable me to gain a deep understanding of how to best help. Following the consultation, I will design a personalised dietary and lifestyle plan which will consist of two parts a naturopathic plan and a nutrition plan. This may include supplementations and diagnostic tests depending on individual circumstances. 


The follow up will be booked within 4-6 weeks to review and make adjustments to the plan as necessary.

Initial Consultation: £175
Follow up: £99

All bookings will require a 30% deposit


Follow up

Follow-ups will last around 45mins to review and assess your progress, an evaluation of any test results and a nutrition plan will be done in this time.  It also serves as an opportunity to reflect on what has improved, what support you need, and if there are any new areas of your health that you may want to address.

All bookings will require a 30% deposit.

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