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Seeing a Nutritional Therapist.

Nutritional Therapists have worked hard in establishing themselves and helping people to gain a better understanding of what we do. At Zandaka our passion is to help people transform their lives and to improve the health of our children and communities. This is done through care, empathy, love, passion, education, and taking the time really understand what is causing one's ill health.

Nutritional Therapy is suitable for all, as humans we are so unique and diverse and there is no one size fits all approach. As the public is starting to have a better understanding of Nutritional therapy and start incorporating it as part of their healthcare routine, like seeing the dentist or chiropractor we begin to see bigger and longer-lasting improvements in general wellbeing, this is because it is a change in approach to how you think about your health.

Seeing a Nutritional therapist would involve an in-depth consultation to better understand the needs of the individual and then a unique plan will be formulated. I myself also being a Naturopath will take into consideration other elements that may affect a person's health, such as the mental, emotional and spiritual. Using the advancements of science and Nutritional Therapy in conjunction with Naturopathy is very powerful to help one restore/maintain health.

Making this a norm is a great step towards improving our health care system, taking a more holistic approach, and providing patients with more choice regarding their health.



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